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Make a difference in a saturated market of millions of brands. Work continuously with influencers to reach a targeted audience better, faster and cheaper.

Unlimited access

Starting at € 650/m

Great for building your own influencer network and managing campaigns efficiently.

  • Unlimited access

  • Unlimited campaigns

  • Multiple countries
  • 1 brand
  • 2 users
  • Billed annually
Elseline profile

Hi, creating your own campaign is super easy. Seriously. If you know how to use Facebook you can do it. Start building your brand with influencers. - Elseline, Influentials campaign manager

Why influencer marketing?

It’s hard to create brand awareness and sales in a world that fights for consumers with a short attention span. Modern day consumers are blind to billboards and deaf to commercials. How do you reach your consumer when they see 250 - 5.000 ads per day?

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Do you like flexibility?

When you are not ready for a subscription we recommend you to run a single campaign. Get a taste of our software and try it out.

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